The SURF BRUSH KEEPS SAND ON THE BEACH NOT ON YOUR FEET. After many years of using an old stiff whisk brush, towels, or water jug, the SURF BRUSH evolved out of necessity to remove sand off feet, dog paws, surf gear, beach toys, car doorjams and tailgates . The SURF BRUSH will keep sand in its natural habitat, the Beach. Also great for removing snow from gear after a day on the slopes.

The SURF BRUSH comes in 20" or 8" non slip plastic handle along with the 15" Hard Wood handle with branded logo. leash string included.


  • Made in SoCal U.S.A.
  • Green Product
  • Soft durable bristles
  • Excellent bend recovery
  • Resistance to oxidation
  • Low water absorbtion rate
  • Soft on skin
  • Must have for RV's
  • Great at the beach, lakes, rivers and mountains.

Your kids and dog will thank you for getting rid of that stiff old whisk.

Surf Brush






Each Brush comes 12 per case or sold individually. No minimum orders. Payment through paypal.

For Distribution and Wholsale pricing please contact Surf Brush.

Surf Brush


The shorty Surf Brush is great for surf trips, back packs, and bikes due to its compact size. The  Long handle gives you the reach you need for those a little less limber. The Wood handle, with its Branded in Surf Brush logo, gives you a mid length handle and a classic look. All three have the same unique bristle for whisking sand away.



works great, Joe Surfer.

Surf Brush video


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Questions regarding Product, Distribution, Wholesale, or retail pricing, please contact Surf Brush. For retail sales you can contact Surf Brush and you will be invoiced through Pay Pal, shipping rates calculated at check out. 

Phone: 562-889-4586

Surf Brush

210 West Paseo De Cristobal, San Clemente, California 92672, United States


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